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James and Alicia Purl had a Wii Bar Bii Que on Saturday, July 14, 2007. It ran from 5:00 pm to 1:15 a.m.. In case you didn't know (and those invited will know this), James is a geek and the BBQ featured some geeky entertainment. We have added a discussion page where guests can discuss the event if they'd like (click discussion above).



There were burgers, hot dogs, chips and pop. Guests brought other things. The guests bringing things editted this page and added to the list below. If you've never editted a wiki before, it should be straight-forward. Just add a new line starting with an asterisk then the item you're bringing. Thanks!

  • Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers (Purls)
  • Hot Dogs (Purls)
  • Chips (Purls)
  • Coke Zero (Purls)
  • Coke (Purls)
  • Homemade mac and cheese (Purls)
  • A Dessert - specifics TBD (Gigi)
  • Assortment of Kansas City BBQ sauces (Kendric)
  • Indian Snacks and Sweets (Gaurav)


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